Advantages of a Responsive Website Design

Advantages of a Responsive Website Design

What is responsive web design (RWD)? Simply put, this is a just another way to create a website that offers users an optimal interface and viewing. The design is considered ‘fluid’ or ‘flexible’ to adopt to the different viewing environments, so it makes it much easier to switch browsing from one device to another (Desktop to Mobile).

responsive website design

So basically it is a website built like water, able to fit any size or oriented screen. With this design, the user’s effort is lessened greatly as reading is made easier with a minimal need to scroll or resize. This design is applicable with most devices (Desktops,Mobile,etc..). The name came about by Elthan Marcotte in 2010 although the design was around from 2001, developed by a team at Razorfish, a digital marketing firm founded in New York. The German automobile company Audi was the first to use this revolutionary design on their website.

There are not many disappointments to be had by this design. To the average man it might seem like a complicated task, but the creators of this design where right on point as they were only faced with one glitch. The one major bug of the RWD is that it has the ongoing challenge of some banners and videos are not ‘fluid’, meaning that there is a problem adjusting to the viewing environment. It was a great discomfort. Some websites still So how do you know you are getting a genuine RWD website? There are now many ways in which you can test and validate your RWD designs regardless of the device you are working on, there are mobile site validators an emulators as well as testing tools for desktops such as Adobe Edge Inspect.

Before this design came about it made it almost impossible to view a desktop version of websites on the small screens of mobile device.Can you imagine reading the contents of a fifteen inch screen exactly on a five inch screen? Because alot of zooming and pannig is required to navigate a page it was often discouraging to browse a desktop version of a website on the smaller devices. It was this need that gave birth to this exciting and new design, although some websites still only uses desktop versions. Presently Google recommends RWD designs for mobile websites versus the other designs.

So if you are ever thinking of building a personal or business website think RWD. Technology is evolving around us every day, making our day to day lives that much easier. We often overlook the bounds we have crossed to make our technology more user-friendly. Because the use of mobile devices are become ever more popular now the integration of even smaller screen sizes for smart watches, everyday scientists, researcher, and engineers are working tirelessly to keep up with this great demand to keep coming up with solutions like the Responsive Website Designs (RWD). What will the next big wave of technology brings? We can be sure that whatever it is, it will be designed with you in mind!